Crash Diet Promises Significant Weight Loss

Have you heard of the crash diet? This type of diet promises fast weight loss in a relatively short time. Despite the fast results, it gets mixed reviews from dieters especially those who care about healthy dieting. A crash diet focuses on reducing daily calorie intake dramatically. Maintaining a caloric deficit will lead to a weight loss, but it could be detrimental to health when it’s done for too long.

Is it effective for losing weight? Yes, but the weight may bounce back whenever you stop doing it. It’s better to lose weight slowly because the results are usually more permanent. Remember that drastic changes in eating habits can put so much stress on your body. If you normally eat corresponding to your daily calorie recommendation and then reduce it by half, it will most likely affect your body and general health.

How to do a crash diet?

The most important thing about this diet is lowering calorie intake. Cutting back on calories needs to be drastic because it’s the only way to achieve a rapid weight loss. Since it limits the amount of food eaten daily, this diet can lead to malnutrition. You can experience nutrient deficiencies because there’s not much food to be included in a low-calorie diet plan. Eating less food means you will have low energy levels. Actually, it’s harder to lose weight when you feel lethargic due to not eating enough food. You won’t have the energy to do activities that can burn calories.


What people love about this diet is the quick results. Many people can lose more than 10 pounds in just a matter of days. They don’t seem to care about the side effects as long as they can reach their goals. Crash dieting is good when you have too much excess weight. If you consider yourself overweight, following this diet is a good way to get closer to your ideal BMI. Obese people tend to be easier in losing weight until it starts to level out. When it’s combined with exercise, the weight loss will even be more drastic.

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Now that you know the benefits, you should also know the downsides. There are no specific rules in this diet. All you have to do is reduce calorie intake dramatically. Whether you want to do it through a cabbage soup diet or another, it’s all up to you. Some diets are very specific when it comes to foods and the amount of calories that can be consumed in a day.

The crash diet, on the other hand, has none of them. You can include any foods low in calories in the diet plan. Vegetables and fruits fit the criteria because they are among the lowest calorie foods. Meanwhile, high-carb foods should be limited because they have a lot of calories. Although carbs are an essential nutrient, overconsumption is not needed.

Eating too much carbs will only cause health issues in the future. Another downside of this diet is nutrient deficiencies, which is why it’s not sustainable in the long run. Once you have lost enough weight, you should go back to eating a balanced diet. Also, beware of weight re-gain. Exercise will make it more permanent, so move your body.

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