Don’t Eat Instant Noodles Frequently! Here’s Why

Instant noodles are like one of the most popular packaged foods in the world. Nearly everyone has tried them at least once in their lifetime. Why are they so popular? There are a few reasons behind that. The first one is written on their name. “Instant” noodles are noodles that can be prepared in no time because all you need is just hot water. Regular cooking usually takes over 30 minutes to finish since there are many things that should be prepared. Instant noodles, on the other hand, can be served in less than 5 minutes.

Another reason why they’re popular is because they taste good. Yep, it’s as simple as that. Although there are many different types of noodles by different brands, most of us are under the impression that instant noodles are delicious, part of that is because they contain MSG. Each product has a different amount of MSG, but even the tiniest addition is enough to boost its flavor. Some people find instant noodles satiating. Well, they’re satiating if you eat much, but in terms of absorption, they digest quickly thanks to the negligible fiber content.

Types of instant noodles

You can find a variety of noodles on the market, but they can be put into two major categories. The first one is packet noodles. These noodles contain different sachets of ingredients. They are separated and put into the same package. You need to mix them all at will. Some prefer to add the oil, while others don’t. These noodles also allow you to use only half of the seasonings if you are not fond of MSG or strong flavors. There are also cup and bowl noodles. As with the previous type, there are also different seasonings in the package. You can mix them to your taste. These are more practical as you don’t need to prepare your own plate. Just use the bowl or cup to serve the noodle.

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Are instant noodles good to eat?

There’s nothing good about eating highly processed foods in large amounts. No matter how tasty they are, instant noodles are never meant to be a healthy food. They are made to curb your cravings for delicious snacks. In terms of nutrients, besides carbs and sodium, they’re pretty much devoid of essential nutrients. Sure, some products come with dried vegetables, but they are barely added into the packages.

They are more like a complementary addition to further boot the flavors. You won’t feel satiated at all after eating the veggies. Another bad thing about instant noodles is having a high sodium content. Sodium is one of the major problems with today’s processed foods. It’s added in large amounts to make foods tastier, so they appeal more to the buyers. Excessive consumption of sodium over long periods of time can lead to high blood pressure and other serious health issues.

There are many other substances in instant noodles that may adversely affect your health, such as fat and preservatives. And don’t forget about the MSG. MSG is an instant way to boost the taste of food, so don’t be surprised that it’s used widely in the industry. While it’s not particularly bad as evidenced by the widespread use, some people have sensitivity to it that may manifest as headache and other symptoms.

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