Don’t Throw Away the Pineapple’s Core!

The reason why we don’t eat a pineapple’s core is because it doesn’t have much too offer. The texture is hard, so it takes effort to chew even if you have a strong jaw. This makes this part undesirable to eat. Besides, it also tastes rather bland compared to the flesh. However, if we talk about safety, this part poses no harm. You can eat it if you can chew it well enough. Despite the hard texture, there is bromelain in this part of pineapple, which is known for reducing inflammation. It also contains other essential nutrients, such as manganese and Vitamin C.


The bromelain in the center of a pineapple is an effective anti-inflammatory enzyme. In one study, patients who were given bromelain saw an improvement in their swelling. They also experienced a decrease in pain. Bromelain is available in the form of supplements. But if you want to get it more naturally, then eating pineapples is a good idea, especially the center part. Inflammation usually appears as swelling and redness. For your information, it is the body’s natural response to damage. It serves to speed up healing. Meanwhile, anti-inflammatory substances can be used to manage it.

Makes meat tender

If you’re into cooking, you must have heard that pineapples are good for tenderizing meat. Well, the reason behind this awesome benefit is bromelain. It can break down protein, which is the most plentiful component in meat. By rubbing crushed pineapple’s core all over your meat, it will be easier to cook. In fact, the texture will change dramatically like it will be more tender than usual.

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Provides extra fiber

Fiber makes an important addition to daily diet because it helps maintain digestive health. It also adds volume to your stool, so you won’t deal with diarrhea. Many people have this issue constantly because they don’t eat enough fiber every day. Instead of throwing away this nutritious part of a pineapple, you should just put it to good use. Fiber is also necessary to maintain body weight. If you have achieved an ideal weight, keeping it stable could be hard because tasty foods are usually loaded with calories. Hence, you should consume more fiber to control your hunger better.

Source of Vitamin C

It’s not just the flesh, but the core can also provide you with this Vitamin C. Meeting the needs for Vitamin C is not hard if you like eating fruits because many of them contain it in adequate amounts. As for the benefits, this water-soluble vitamin is a known antioxidant. It prevents oxidative processes in the body and essential for cell repair. Additionally, there is also manganese in the core which has a function to maintain bone strength.

Easy way to eat it

Instead of chewing the core with your teeth, it’s better to turn it into a smoothie. Let the blender do the hard work. You just need to drink it and reap all the benefits. If you think it tastes quite plain, then blend the whole thing. There is no need to separate the flesh from the core. Just put them all into the blender and then blend for a few minutes until it becomes smooth enough.

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