Despite Being a Byproduct, Wheat Germ is not Really a Waste

Wheat flour is one of the most widely-used types of flour. It’s used as a raw ingredient for burgers, pizza, cakes, and other favorite foods. Wheat flour is made of wheat grains, but out of the 3 major components, only the endosperm is used for that. The germ is left out because it is high in fat. The bran is the same. However, there is also a type of flour that doesn’t remove any part of wheat grains. It’s called whole wheat flour.

The high fat content of the germ is the reason why it’s separated during the process because it will shorten the shelf-life of the flour. The bran is also removed as it will affect the color of the flour. Although the endosperm has a better flavor than other parts of the grain, it’s not as nutritious as the germ. In fact, some wheat flour products are enriched with nutrients to boost their nutritional value.

Nutritional profile

Although often neglected, wheat germ is one of the most nutritious parts of the wheat kernel. Due to commercial reasons, unfortunately this part has to be taken out. But in terms of nutrients, wheat germ is loaded with healthy compounds. There are Vitamin E, thiamine, niacin, potassium, magnesium, and many others in this fibrous part of wheat. It also makes a good source of dietary fiber. Besides, It’s calorie-dense, too, with a quarter cup containing about 104 calories. If you need a decent supply of protein and fat, this is the right food to eat. It can speed up metabolism, so you can burn more while doing a workout.

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Many people don’t know what it tastes like because they have never come across the product in stores or never made an effort to find it. If you’re curious to know what wheat germ tastes like, it has a nutty flavor. It’s also crunchy due to the roasting process. Besides, you will get a sweet aftertaste after eating it. It’s not just the unique flavor. The health benefits it has to offer are way more compelling.

First, wheat germ is good for health because it contains omega-3. This can reduce inflammation throughout the body. Foods that are rich in omega-3 are very healthy. We usually know fish as the primary source of omega-3, but there are other choices, including wheat germ. This awesome food can slow down the aging process thanks to the high Vitamin E content. It will help make signs of aging on the skin appear more subtle.

Wheat germ for weight loss

Wheat flour has a bad rep of causing obesity. It’s not hard to see why. Wheat flour is a basic ingredient for unhealthy foods that we eat daily. Cakes, fried chicken, pastries, bread, pizza, they all use wheat flour. Foods made of flour are high in calories because wheat flour is a major source of carbs. As a result, they can cause a quick weight gain.

Besides, refined carbs aren’t satiating. They digest quickly in the body and raise blood sugar spikes shortly after consumption. Wheat germ is good for weight loss because it’s rich in dietary fiber. As we know, fiber slows down food absorption and fills up the stomach for longer. This way, your calorie intake can be restricted.

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