Pomegranates, One of the Healthiest Fruits Known to Man

Fruits’ health properties have been acknowledged for centuries. However, there are some fruits that are considered healthier due to their higher antioxidant content and pomegranates make the list. They’re often touted as the powerhouse of antioxidants. Pomegranates get their red hue from polyphenols. For those unaware, polyphenols are actually some of the most potent antioxidants ever. So the fact that this fruit has them in a large amount really boosts its nutritional value.

Antioxidants in pomegranates

Pomegranate juice has a remarkable value thanks to the high antioxidants. In fact, it can provide you with much higher antioxidants than other fruit juices in the same serving size. Even compared to other popular antioxidant sources like green tea and red wine, pomegranates still win. What are the advantages of a diet consisting of antioxidants?

There are a lot of things they can do to improve your health. Antioxidants are important for slowing down the oxidative processes in the body. Thus, it will result in less cell damage and inflammation. Both are known factors of aging. This fruit also has ample Vitamin C. Drinking it can fulfill nearly 40% of the daily Vitamin C recommendation.

Good for your heart

The compounds in pomegranates can maintain the flexibility of the arteries. Due to aging and other factors, the arteries can harden and lose their flexibility, making it harder for the blood to pass through. When they become stiff, the risk of a rupture will also increase. Therefore, before it’s too late, you should eat foods that contain substances to maintain healthy blood vessels. Pomegranates are one example. This fruit helps lower the amount of the bad cholesterol, so its negative impact on the blood vessels can be minimized.

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Cancer prevention

Cancer may result from free radicals that accumulate in the body. As said before, pomegranates are a major source of antioxidants that have a job to neutralize free radicals. Some experts suggest that pomegranate juice can induce apoptosis. This is a process in which the cells induce death themselves . The cells are programmed in such a way that they can’t grow uncontrollably. After going through several stages, they will die and be replaced with new cells. This is the signal that cancer cells don’t get. They keep growing and then cause serious damage to the body.

Prevent nutrient deficiencies

Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. So the easiest way to avoid deficiencies is by putting fruits on the menu. There are plenty of fruits that you can eat aside from pomegranates. However, not all fruits are packed with high antioxidants like this fruit does. Drinking pome juice is good when you want to enjoy the benefits of antioxidants and other nutrients. A cup of pome seeds contains about 144 calories. These are moderate numbers, neither too high nor too low. But from the same amount, you will get fiber, protein, potassium, folate, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and much more.

Improve memory

Memory tends to decrease with age, but the rate of decline varies from person to person. If you don’t want your brain performance to degrade way too soon, then from now on maintain healthy lifestyles. A healthy diet will also help since some foods are known to support memory. In one study, participants who consumed pome juice daily saw an increase in their recognition memory.

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