Cleanse the Body through the Lemon Detox Diet

Have you heard about the lemon detox diet? This doesn’t mean you have to eat only lemon every day. Despite the benefits, lemon is very acidic, so you shouldn’t eat it too much because it can cause gastric issues. Lemon has long been known as a detox food. If you want to cleanse the body from toxins you get from foods, then drinking lemon juice is a good idea.


One of the biggest benefits of drinking lemon water is it can aid in weight loss. Not only does it alter your metabolism by increasing the fat-burning process, but it can also suppress your appetite. Both are big factors when it comes to losing weight. Drinking lemon water will keep you from hunger. Besides, lemon water is not fattening. It has almost zero calories, so you can drink a lot and still won’t affect your weight.

Lemon water is also good for digestion. The compounds in this fruit can improve digestion. You will also benefit from the Vitamin C content. Vitamin C is one of the most known antioxidants. It helps the body combat free radicals. Basically, Vitamin C is necessary for maintaining strong immune system. Free radicals are the cause of bad skin quality and all kinds of aging. If your diet can provide you with a high level of Vitamin C, you will age gracefully.

How to follow the lemon detox diet

There are no specific rules you have to obey with. Just make sure you don’t overeat. Restrict daily calorie intake accordingly. Since the average daily calorie intake is 2,000, you should reduce it by 400 points or so. And then you can add lemon water. Some people go on this diet without eating solid foods at all. Well, this approach could be dangerous because the body is used to processing solid foods.

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If you only drink lemon water all day, this could upset your stomach. Heck, it could even cause other health issues. For this reason, you shouldn’t completely cut out solid foods. Eat like usual, just reduce the portion sizes. And then, drink lemon water in between meals for detoxification.

Drinking lemon will help boost the metabolism, so that the calories that you consume can be converted into energy more quickly. How much lemon water to drink per day? 2 liters sound about right. The liquid should contain enough lemon, but shouldn’t be too concentrated, either. As said before, lemon is very acidic that it’s not safe for a sensitive stomach.

Preparing lemon detox drink

It’s easy to prepare a lemon detox drink. You need a glass of warm water, 20 ml of lemon juice, 20ml of honey, and a bit of cayenne pepper. You can adjust the amount of lemon if it’s too sour or the amount of honey if it’s too sweet. As for the cayenne pepper, it has the ability to increase the metabolic rate. If you can’t tolerate spicy food, then you can replace it with green tea. Green is just as good for revving up metabolism. Drink this mixture before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Don’t drink more than this or it may upset your stomach. Instead of increasing the quantity, you should drink it more regularly, instead.

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