What’s Special about Greek Yogurt?

If you have heard about Greek yogurt, a question may pop up in your head if it’s different from regular yogurt. Well, this and the regular type are actually similar. The difference is Greek yogurt feels more creamy and has a thicker consistency. Yogurt is generally healthy, but this is even healthier as it contains lower sodium, yet higher calcium and protein. So, if you want to eat yogurt more than just to promote healthy digestion, Greek yogurt is the right choice.

Greek yogurt is regular yogurt

The ingredient of Greek yogurt is regular yogurt. There are no chemicals involved in the process, meaning that the end product doesn’t change that much. Greek yogurt is derived from straining regular yogurt, resulting in more concentrated protein. This is because the protein binds to the yogurt instead of dissolving into the liquid. Seeing how easy it is to make, you can also make Greek yogurt at home. All you have to prepare is regular yogurt and a colander. Just strain the yogurt again and again until the solid part thickens. The solid form looks a bit like cheese. It’s not as runny as when it was still in its original form.


Let’s find out the benefits of Greek yogurt based on the nutrients. The first major nutrient is protein. For it having much higher protein actually means something. It’s good for dieting because protein has a satiating effect. Eating foods rich in protein will keep your hunger pangs at bay for a while. In the meantime, the sodium content is almost half lower than that in regular yogurt.

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Excessive sodium intake is bad as it causes high blood pressure. Therefore, if you want to keep your heart healthy, adding Greek yogurt to your diet will be great. It also has an advantage of having lower carbs than the regular type. In the same amount, this contains about 9gr of carbs, compared to 17gr in regular yogurt. So for those who need to strictly watch their carb intake, eating Greek yogurt is the way to go.

The sugar is also lower, meaning it’s safer for people with blood sugar issues. Actually, lots of the substances go with the whey during the straining process and they include the lactose. This makes Greek yogurt more easily digestible. Those with lactose sensitivity may be able to consume it as well.

Which is better to eat?

Since Greek yogurt is made by straining regular yogurt, not mixing it with certain compounds, then both types should offer similar benefits. It’s true that Greek yogurt is more concentrated, but anything contained in this variety is also present in the regular type. Therefore, you can eat Greek yogurt or the other one and still reap the same benefits. They can provide sufficient amounts of calcium and protein. They can also introduce good bacteria to your gut.

Many people prefer to consume Greek yogurt as it has a higher nutritional value. Well, you’re not wrong to think this way. Greek yogurt is indeed very healthy and it may also aid in weight loss considering its role in promoting healthy digestion. As for consumption, you can eat it the way you eat regular yogurt. Just add healthy toppings like raisins or fresh fruits to improve its taste and nutrition.

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