Healthy Foods that Make Good Sources of Antioxidants

Getting antioxidants from foods is a good thing because they are naturally present therein. Natural antioxidants are also processed in the body better. Well, supplements can be a choice, but you should still prioritize natural sources. Supplements are good to provide antioxidants at higher amounts. We often have to eat a large amount of food to supply the body with antioxidants. If you don’t want to worry about weight gain and stuff, supplements seem to be a good alternative. Speaking of antioxidant-rich foods, there are plenty to choose from. Here are some of them:


Vegetables have always been part of superfoods because they are the epitome of health. Vegetables are rich in beneficial compounds, such as fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You can eat cauliflower, lettuce, spinach, and many others. Carrots are also good because they are have phytochemicals. Meanwhile, kale makes the list because it has anti-cancer agent.

It also possesses anti-microbial properties. And for those who want to lose a few pounds, kale is like other vegetables, loaded with fiber. Broccoli is another that deserves a mention. Why? It’s among the most potent veggies for preventing cancer. It lies in the sulphur compound, stimulates the body to create enzymes that can control malignant cells.


Fruits are another food that can provide you with large amounts of antioxidants. Berries and citrus are some of the choices. They are tasty and colorful. But behind their savory flavors, there lies all kinds of powerful antioxidants. Blueberries, for instance, have polyphenols and flavonoids, two known plant-based antioxidants.

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With all the active compounds, this fruit can prevent life-threatening diseases, like cardiovascular disease and cancer. They are also good for the brain. Elderberries are another that you might be unfamiliar with, but they are equally good thanks to the antioxidant content. Adding them to the diet will improve your skin quality and help alleviate symptoms of allergies.

Blackberries are another type of berries packed with healthy compounds. The Vitamin C in them is helpful for keeping your skin in tip-top shape as it stimulates the production of collagen. Similar compounds can also be found in citrus fruits, like grapefruit and oranges.


We use spices mostly for their tasty flavors. But interestingly, their compounds are not to be overlooked. Spices have a wide variety of properties that can help fight free radicals. Turmeric, for instance, has a substance called curcumin that can slow down the growth of cancer.

There are many other spices you can use for cooking that possess health benefits, such as peppermint, thyme, oregano, coriander, and rosemary. These spices are used a lot for cooking as they have distinct flavors. Now if you want to make sure your dishes have all of them, go learn how to cook.


Herbs are another food with incredible antioxidant properties. Tea is one of the examples. If you enjoy tea more than any other drink, then you can make different ones every day because there are so many with each offering different compounds. Green tea has EGCG, which is considered as a powerful antioxidant. You can also try tulsi tea. Many people call it the queen of herbs. It’s not an exaggeration because this herb has been used for centuries to treat illnesses.

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