Slow Carb Diet Doesn’t Need Calorie Tracking

The basics of the slow carb diet are you should eat more natural foods and reduce processed foods. While this is not a new concept, eating whole foods is miles better than eating junk food. What are the benefits of this diet? It’s said to be good for trimming down weight. So if you’re struggling with an unhealthy weight, from now on you should cut down on refined food intake and eat more natural foods. Everyone has a different experience with this diet, but many have managed to lose quite a lot of weight.

Protein is the main component

It’s easy to understand diets that encourage consumption of protein. Protein is the building block for the muscles of which are known for having the ability to burn fat fast. This is why pro bodybuilders eat eggs, whey protein, basically all high-protein foods. They need to build the muscles and let them take part in the fat-burning process. Protein also has a satiating effect. It takes longer to feel hungry after having a meal consisting of high-protein foods.

There is no need to track calories

One of the best things about this diet is you shouldn’t worry about calories although it’s still an important factor of weight loss. The focus is on protein. Does this sound like a high-protein diet to you? Well, some diet programs are similar to each other, but they still have differences. In this particular diet, you are required to eat about 100 grams. It’s not hard to meet this threshold especially if you like eating chicken and meat. Fats are also necessary although they should take the back seat. Besides, the choices of fats should also be healthy. Eat more nuts because they are sources of healthy fats. You should also eat carbs that you can get from beans and lentils.

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Shopping list

Although it doesn’t have calorie restriction, you should eat only the specified foods. Here are some that you can add to your shopping list: eggs, seafood, vegetables, legumes, meat, butter, natural oils, and protein powder. See, high-protein foods make the most of this list, so you can guess how the diet works. After this list, there is also a list of foods that you can consume in moderation.

They include cheese, soy, milk, grains, and fruits. There is no denying that fruits are healthy, but they are still high in sugar. The same goes for grains. They contain a lot of carbs that may interfere with the way this diet works. Actually, you are allowed to eat anything that’s not on these lists. However, you should only eat on a cheat day at the end of the week.

Slow carb diet vs paleo diet

They have a few things in common. Both are focused on food choices rather than calorie intake. However, there are still differences with one being the paleo diet excludes fruits as most of them having high-glecemic indexes. As we know, foods that belong to this group digest pretty quickly. Besides, they may also cause blood sugar spikes. All in all, both diets are easy to follow. There is no worry about portion sizes. There is no worry about timing and stuff. Just include all the foods that have been specified and you’re good to go.

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