Having a Pre-Workout Meal Will Make a Difference

Some people would rather skip food before they work out because they want to maximize fat metabolism. Should you have or not have meal prior to a workout session? Either would be good for weight loss, but not necessarily good for health. Regardless of your fitness goals, filling up your stomach is important before you exercise. That’s because your body will burn a lot of calories throughout the session. Having no fuel will make you feel exhausted prematurely. For this reason, you still need to have a meal, but not a big one. Just a moderate meal will keep you energized throughout the session.

When to eat?

Having a pre-workout meal doesn’t mean you have to eat just before you start lifting weights. It’s hard to move when the stomach is full. You should eat at about 1 or 2 hours before hitting the gym. By the time you’re ready to exercise, the metabolism is already at peak level. It will keep rising as you reach new activity levels.

Another reason to set a reasonable window between a meal and a workout is to let the body process the foods. It takes time for the body to digest food until it enters the small intestine and ready for absorption. Therefore, you need to eat early enough.

What to eat?

Carbs are the body’s favorite source of energy. When there is this macronutrient in the body, it will be used before the others. There are two types of carbs, simple and complex carbs. Complex carbohydrates are better because they digest slowly. They will not cause a sudden blood sugar spike because it takes longer for them to be processed. Another important nutrient you should consume is protein.

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Protein is also another source of energy for the body. It can build muscles and rev up the fat-burning process. Just make sure to not overeat. If it wasn’t enough, don’t worry because you still have fat deposits. If you’re overweight, your body can always rely on this source when others have run out.

Food choices

So, what should you add to the menu? There are countless choices, but we’ll share some popular ones. The first one is egg whites, of course. Eggs are like the number one high-protein food because they’re available everywhere. Besides, they are also cheap. As for nutrients, eggs contain a high amount of protein, making them perfect as a pre-workout food. Although the whites and yolks are both good, you can skip the latter if you don’t want the cholesterol and fat.

Another food that we recommend is sweet potatoes. They are superior in a number of ways to the white variety. They have higher Vitamin A. They also pack fewer calories and have a lower Glycemic Index. This means they are absorbed slowly. Bananas are another awesome food for a workout. They are rich in dietary fiber, keeping you full longer.

Meanwhile, their potassium content is good for keeping blood pressure stable. It also has a job to maintain the health of the nerves and muscles. What about protein bars? You can eat one or two. As the name suggests, a protein bar is a bar-shaped snack that’s loaded with protein. The commercial type is usually high in sugar. Therefore, we suggest you make some at home, so you can control the sugar content.

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