Sweet Potatoes Could Be Beneficial for Weight Loss

There are some foods that diabetics should consume in moderation to keep their blood sugar in check. High-carb foods are some of them. Although sweet potatoes are bad for those trying to control blood sugar, they still have a high nutritional value and may also help promote weight loss when eaten right.


Speaking of nutrients, sweet potatoes are valuable. They pack Vitamin B6, which is vital for reducing chemical homocysteine in the body. They also contain Vitamin C, a strong antioxidant that serves to fight free radicals. It’s also necessary for keeping the bones and teeth healthy. If you are deficient of this vitamin, it may show symptoms like chapped lips.

For those who prefer natural sources to meet the daily needs for vitamins instead of taking supplements, eating foods like sweet potatoes is the right thing to do. Vitamin D is another essential nutrient this food contains. It’s responsible for optimum absorption of calcium. If you feel that you don’t get enough Vitamin D, put sweet potatoes on the menu. There are many other nutrients found in them, such as potassium and iron.

Sweet potatoes for the daily diet

Is it okay to eat sweet potatoes every day? There shouldn’t be a problem if you watch the portion sizes. Don’t eat too much because they have compounds that shouldn’t be consumed excessively, like Vitamin A. We all know for a fact that Vitamin A is good health, but too much of it can cause toxicity. The same goes for its sugar content. It’s not good for people who are trying to keep their blood sugar in check as 100 grams have approximately 4.2 grams of sugar.

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Sweet potatoes or regular potatoes?

Regular or white potatoes are also healthy. However, if you compare them by nutritional value, sweet potatoes win. Aside from having fewer calories in the same serving size, sweet potatoes have much higher Vitamin A. The difference is huge between the two when it comes to this nutrient. Sweet potatoes also have higher Vitamin C and fiber. Besides, this variety is also comparatively lower in calories, making it ideal for weight loss.

Sweet potatoes for weight loss

For something that’s classified as a high-carb food, how could they be good for weight loss? There are a few ways sweet potatoes can help with weight loss. First, they’re rich in fiber. Dietary fiber is an integral part of healthy dieting because it takes up much room in the stomach. This will make you satiated for longer.

Fiber digests slowly, which means it takes long until the stomach is totally empty. This can prevent you from eating too much. Second, it helps by controlling calorie intake. Compared to the white variety, they have fewer calories per serving. However, this doesn’t mean you’re allowed to overeat this sweet food.

Overeating will still lead to a weight gain regardless of what the food is. Another way it makes a good diet food is it has a high water content. Since it’s naturally juicy, using the right cooking method will make it even healthier. Frying will reduce its water content. You should steam it because this will add extra water to sweet potatoes, making them more satiating.

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