Eat These Foods to Build Muscle Mass

Weight loss success comes down to 2 things, calorie intake and exercise. Yes, it’s possible to lose weight by focusing only on one of these factors, but it will be much faster when you combine the two. Exercise has always been an integral part of weight loss programs. That’s because exercise can burn fat deposits in the body. With a strict diet, you can lose weight, but the stored fat may take time to drop off. If you want to do it fast, start gaining muscles and let them do the rest. Here are a few foods you can eat to help build the muscles.


Eggs are a high-protein food that’s not only easily accessible, but also cheap. You may have noticed that pro bodybuilders always eat eggs. Eggs are tasty, so they’re easy to cook into tasty dishes. However, to gain muscle mass, you shouldn’t fry them. Instead, use healthier cooking methods like boiling or steaming. 1 hard-boiled egg can provide you with 6 grams of protein. You can eat a few per day. It also contains a range of other nutrients, such as calcium, iron, and potassium.


Who doesn’t love beef? This is another popular source of protein. Apparently, all kinds of meat have high protein, meaning that you can eat beef or another to gain muscle mass. Beef is not just rich in protein. It also has other components, like zinc and B Vitamins. However, it also has a lot of fat, especially the whitish parts. Therefore, if you want to get protein without ingesting the unhealthy part, go for lean meat, instead. This is the type of meat without the unnecessary fat content.

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Protein is not the only component needed to gain muscle mass. Carbs are still important. After all, the best type of diet is a balanced diet. Aside from getting protein from the aforementioned foods, you can get carb intake from oats. Oats are a great choice because they are complex carbs. As with protein, complex carbs tend to fill up the stomach much longer. They have a satiating effect, preventing you from feeling hungry way too soon after eating. People who eat mostly complex carbs are also less susceptible to weight gain. The fiber in these foods binds to cholesterol, so it doesn’t have the chance to enter the bloodstream and cause health problems.

Peanut butter

A diet wouldn’t be balanced without fat. Even if it’s just a small amount, fat still contributes to health. There are many healthy high-fat food choices, one of which is peanut butter. Besides fat, it also makes a good source of protein and minerals like iron and magnesium.

Protein powder

Protein powder has become a favorite fitness supplement because it can provide the right amount of protein that the body needs for increasing muscle mass. This can be an option for those who want to stay focused on eating only protein. The fat content is negligible. In other words, you don’t have to worry about consuming a large amount of fat especially if you’re now considered overweight and want to start losing weight. Don’t be fooled by the protein powder label because it also contains carbs and fat. However, the largest component is still protein, accounting for over 75% per serving.

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