Protein Shakes Provide a Great Way to Get Protein

Proteins shakes help you meet the daily need for protein. Before consuming protein shakes, it’s important that you know their nutritional profile first. Protein shakes usually contain whey protein. Whey protein itself is one of the two proteins contained in milk. The other one is called casein protein.

The process of extracting whey is done by adding a coagulant into milk. This will cause the whey and curds to separate. For your information, protein is water soluble. It has the benefit of being easily absorbed by the body. It also provides other benefits, one of which is related to weight loss. Consuming whey on a regular basis help you build muscles which can eventually cause a weight loss.

As we know, protein is a building block for the muscles and the muscles are very effective for burning fat. Besides, it may also increase insulin sensitivity. Another way protein shakes may help you is by filling up your stomach. Protein is known for having a satiety effect. Eating high-protein foods in general will make you feel full longer.

Types of whey

There are 2 types of whey that you should know, namely isolate and concentrate. The both have whey protein in them. However, they differ in terms of concentration with isolate being thicker than the other one. Actually, whey concentrate is the ingredient for isolate.

Concentrate goes through further processing and the outcome is isolate. Thus, isolate has a higher protein content and concentrate, which is why it is more expensive. Apart from these two, there is another type called hydrolysate. This is made of whey isolate. It’s processed in such a way to make the end product easily absorbed by the body. Despite its fast absorption, the extensive processing may damage some of the beneficial compounds.

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When to drink protein shakes

You can drink a protein shake at anytime, but the following times are better for a number of reasons. You should drink it after doing vigorous exercise. If your workout is focused on weightlifting, protein will help a lot in repairing the muscles. It will also help you gain muscle mass much faster.

Some people prefer to drink protein shakes before working out. This is good for boosting metabolism, so more fat can be burned. Another good time to drink it is right before bed. We normally sleep for about 8 hours each night. It means your stomach will be empty for that long. A protein intake will be good especially because there’s much repair going on in the body during sleep.

How much do you need?

Everyone has a different protein requirement. Those who are highly active like bodybuilders and athletes need to amp up their protein intake. If you’re quite sedentary and work on your computer most of the time, then you would need to lower it significantly. Even if you move quite a lot, but if you don’t need to build muscles, you still need a lower protein intake.

A daily intake of less than about 2g/kg bodyweight is ideal for those who want to build or maintain muscle mass. A daily intake of about 1.5g/kg bodyweight is ideal for people who are active, but don’t want to bulk up. Meanwhile, if you’re pretty much inactive, then the upper limit should be reduced to 0.8g/kg bodyweight.

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