Proper Calorie Intake for People with a Sedentary Lifestyle

What is the calorie recommendation for someone with a sedentary lifestyle? There are a few things that should be taken into account. The first one is body mass index. People with higher BMIs would need to eat more to maintain weight. Another important factor is the basal metabolic rate. Everyone has a different metabolism. Some have more active thyroid function, which leads to higher metabolism. This is why some people find it hard to lose weight, while others can do that easily even when they eat more than those who go on a strict diet.

Eat in accordance with activity levels

You should eat based on your activity levels. If you move a lot, then you need to eat more food because high activity levels burn more calories compared to being inactive. If you’re sedentary, then don’t eat as much because this will cause a weight gain. Classify foods into high-calorie and low-calorie foods. Foods high in carbs, protein, and fat are usually loaded with calories.

There’s no problem with eating these foods if you have high activity levels. Just make sure they’re healthy instead of junk food as it offers nothing but empty calories. Prepare your own food, so that you can count their calories. Avoid drinking your sugar because sweet beverages tend to pack a lot of calories.

Daily calorie requirement

Even if you’re sedentary, you don’t have to cut down daily calorie intake to below 1,000. Eating in the range between 1600 and 1800 is not for losing weight, but for proper functioning of the body. Restricting calorie intake strictly means you have to limit consumption of essential nutrients which can’t be good for health. It’s never advised to lose weight too fast as it can bounce back quickly as well.

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If all you want is to maintain a healthy weight while being sedentary, then eating around 1600 to 1800 sounds about right. Modest changes are welcome, but they should be tailored to the metabolic rate. If your metabolism is on the lower side, then you can cut more calories. There’s something called a point of balance when it comes to body weight.

Someone who is overweight will have it easy to lose weight and after he has reached a certain point (balance), weight loss will start slowing down. He would need to eat even less if he wants to lose more. Unfortunately, this is not sustainable because you have to skip essential nutrients. Calculate your BMR to find out the amount of calories you can safely eat per day without causing a weight gain.


Fasting is another good way to maintain weight. Fasting means being abstain from eating for a while. Drinking is still okay especially if it’s just water because water has no calories. You won’t put on weight even if you drink a lot. If you have exceeded your daily calorie allowance, just stop eating until the next day. This way, you can avoid consuming unnecessary calories.

Is it okay to fast? Fasting is not dangerous as long as it’s done right. Firstly, you need to specify a healthy amount of calories to eat per day. 1,600 calories are enough to keep you satiated throughout the day. If you feel hungry after eating this much, then it’s time to fast. Just drink water to keep the hunger at bay. Sleeping also helps.

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