Alkaline Foods Aim to Restore PH Balance in Your Body

Have you heard of a diet focused on the consumption of alkaline foods? This is called the alkaline diet. This type of diet aims to restore PH balance in the body. The basic principle is you have to eat alkaline forming foods mostly. Meanwhile, the consumption of acidic forming foods should be reduced. It’s not recommended to eat acidic foods as they will disrupt PH imbalance and cause health problems. Instead, you have to maintain the body slightly alkaline because it’s considered better for health.

Advantages of alkaline foods

Adding alkaline foods to the diet may help promote weight loss. That’s because this group of foods tends to have fewer calories. As we know, calorie counting is an integral part of a successful diet program. Although exercise can trim down weight fast, not everyone has much time to hit the gym a couple of times a week. Those who work on a computer should watch their calorie intake if they want to lose a few pounds.

Alkaline foods are also said to be good for preventing cancer. Cancer thrives in an acidic environment. This means following an alkaline diet may reduce your risk of cancer. It’s not easy to keep PH level on the higher side, but you can do that by knowing the PH levels of foods. This way, you can decide what to eat and what to avoid.

Alkaline forming foods

Interestingly, many alkaline foods are considered healthy even before their PH levels come into the picture. In other words, they have always been known for providing health benefits. Tomatoes are among the best alkaline foods you can eat. However, to maintain the PH level, you should eat them raw. There’s no problem with eating tomatoes raw. In fact, many people love make smoothies out of this fruit.

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Tomatoes are also packed with Vitamin C and B6. Eating some daily will help you meet the daily needs for these vitamins. Almonds are another alkaline food to add to your shopping list. Although beneficial, almonds are still calorie-dense, so make sure to not eat them too much. As far as fat is concerned, almonds contain mostly healthy fats, so don’t worry about eating them.

Parsley also makes a good addition to your daily diet. It is often dried and turn into a spice. Parsley offers some health benefits. It’s touted as a good kidney-cleansing food. Besides, it also has properties to aid in digestion. You can cook fresh parsley or sprinkle the dried version all over the dishes.

Another food you can eat to increase the PH of the body is jalapeno. However, not everyone can stand the spicy flavor. If you’re not a fan of spicy foods, replace it with another alternative like garlic. Garlic as a herb is widely-used, not just because it can make delicious dishes, but also because it has awesome properties. Garlic has been known as a traditional medicine that posses antimicrobial agents. You can eat many cloves of garlic every day to maintain PH balance in the body.

Foods to avoid

Whole grains generally belong to the acidic range, so their derivatives are also somewhat acidic. The same goes for condiments. Foods like mayo and ketchup are acidic, but they’re favorites that can easily be found at restaurants. Other foods you need to stay away from are alcohol, coffee, and dairy products.

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