Walnuts or the King of Nuts, What are They Good for?

Getting crowned as the king of nuts is not an easy feat. This may make you wonder what walnuts are good for that they’re called that way. Walnuts are indeed one of the most popular nuts in the world, but that’s not how they earned the title. They’re titled as such because these nuts are rich in antioxidants and good fats. These two are important to boost our health. Adequate consumption of antioxidants will slow down the aging process, while proper intake of good fats can help improve your health condition.

Nutritional value

One of the biggest components in walnuts is protein. Nearly 15% of walnuts is protein. As we know, one of these essential macronutrients is required to build the cells in the body. Walnuts are also rich in fats, but those aren’t the bad type of fats. The fats in walnuts are healthy, so they have a good in impact on health.

They also contain Omega-3, an essential substance in the prevention against cardiovascular disease. Omega-3 is readily available as fish oil supplements, but if you want a plant-based version, walnuts can be an option. You will also benefit from the high fiber content. Fiber promotes healthy digestion. Eating enough fiber daily can prevent constipation and other digestive problems.

Health benefits

Benefits that walnuts have to offer are endless. Apart from the ones we’ve already mentioned, walnuts are also good for the brain. They have properties to boost brain activity. Consuming these nuts may lower your risk of Alzheimer’s. Additionally, walnuts have fatty acids which can accelerate the absorption of calcium. Calcium needs to be deposited where it belongs, which is in the bones. They shouldn’t be accumulated in the blood vessels or else, this could lead to calcification of the vessels or known as atherosclerosis.

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In one study, walnuts were also found to be good for the gut. They could cause an increase in bacteria diversity in the gut. Keep in mind that the body is a home to millions of bacteria. Not all of them are bad and cause sickness. Some are actually useful for aiding in digestion. Introducing good bacteria is usually done by consuming probiotic foods, but you can also eat walnuts to improve their efficacy.

And for those dealing with mood problems, these nuts may help clear your brain fog. Whether it’s just your personality or there are things that bring down your mood, eating a couple of walnuts daily won’t hurt. It’s mainly associated with the magnesium content. This mineral has the ability to heal mood problems.

How many too eat per day?

There’s no need to overeat them just to make sure you get all the benefits. What’s more important is consistency. You just need to eat 5 walnuts daily to reap the benefits of these nutritious nuts. By eating that amount, you’ll be provided a decent supply of protein, fiber, fats, and vitamins.

Are they fattening?

What foods aren’t fattening, though? While foods vary in calories, they all have the chance to cause a weight gain if you can’t stop eating them. As for walnuts, they are pretty high in calories due the fat content. The good news is walnuts are a very healthy food. As long as you eat them in moderation, there shouldn’t be a problem. Remember, 5 nuts per day are enough. Adding 1 or 2 more is alright.

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