Foods that Can Keep You Full for Longer

The key to losing weight is more than just limiting the consumption of calorie-dense foods. You should also eat foods that can keep you full for longer. All macronutrients have different satiating effects. Fats are said to be the most satiating because they take longer to digest. It’s true, but we must remember that fatty foods are also very delicious. It’s easy to indulge in high-fat treats and forget about the diet.

High-carb foods also have the same effect, but you should focus on complex carbs. As we know, there are two types of carbs, simple and complex carbs. The latter takes longer to digest. Due to the slower gastric emptying, you will feel full longer. Another benefit of eating these type of carbs is they don’t cause extreme blood sugar fluctuations. Here are some foods that make ideal choices for dieting due to their high satiety levels.


Eggs are one of the most popular sources of protein. They’re eaten by nearly everyone. Eggs can provide you with a high amount of protein. If you’re following a military diet or another type of diet that requires high protein consumption, eggs are a perfect option. They are also versatile for cooking, meaning that you can incorporate them into various dishes.


Many people don’t eat avocados due to the fat content. However, many are still misinformed when it comes to fats in this food. Fats aren’t inherently bad. We actually require this macronutrient in the right amount to keep things going smoothly. The problem is we tend to overeat this nutrient because foods loaded with fats usually taste great. Meanwhile, avocados are made up mostly of healthy fat, in this case monounsaturated fat. Consuming this will actually benefit you considering good fat can offset bad cholesterol. This will help reduce the risk of heart disease.

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Vegetables are typically low in calories. As opposed to that, their ability to curb the appetite is very potent thanks to the high dietary fiber. As long as you don’t pick the starchy varieties, vegetables will always be good for dieting. Some veggies have even lower calories than the others. So if you want to benefit the most from their low calorie counts, opt for cauliflower, asparagus, cabbage, and cucumbers. Apart from dietary fiber, vegetables are also a prime source of vitamins and minerals. Eating different veggies every day will protect you from deficiencies.


Yogurt has a sour taste originally, but the packaged ones usually have additives, so they would taste much better. If you want to reap the benefits of yogurt without the unnecessary sugar, then read the label before buying. Not only does yogurt keep you from hunger for longer, but this food can also introduce good bacteria to your gut. As we know, the body is a home to millions of bacteria, but not all of them are beneficial. To protect you from an infection, the population of bad bacteria needs to be suppressed by allowing good bacteria to take the same space. Yogurt is the right food to enrich your system with good bacteria.


There are two reasons why nuts make the list. Firstly, nuts are a source of health fats. They take longer to digest , which in turn affects your appetite as well. Secondly, nuts can help lower the glicemic index of foods you’re consuming. If your diet consists of a large portion of carbs, eating with nuts will slow down the absorption.

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