Why is Tea Associated with Weight Loss?

Tea is one of the herbs believed to promote weight loss, which is why it is used to make fat-burning products. Although people have started to pay attention to its weight loss effect only recently, it has become part of traditional Chinese medicine since a long time ago. Green tea particularly is known for its miraculous medicinal compounds.

How tea aids in weight loss

Tea works by improving metabolism. As we know, all the foods that we consume need to be converted into energy, so that they don’t end up as fat deposits in the body. The process of converting fuel sources into energy is called metabolism and tea has properties that alter this process, making it more efficient.

Another important substance in tea is called catechin. This is an antioxidant which also plays a role in the acceleration of the body’s metabolism. When it’s present in an adequate amount, the process of burning calories will occur at a faster speed. Research also found that this specific substance is useful for breaking down fat.

Tea as a single weight loss method

Despite packing fat-burning elements, tea may not provide desired results if you just rely on it to lose weight. As said before, tea works by increasing metabolism. The best way to increase it is through exercise. The impact will be much more significant when the two are combined. If you often do exercise and drink tea, the metabolic rate will increase which eventually stimulates the use of fat for energy.

Counting calories is also important. Remember that the key to a successful weight loss is how you maintain calorie deficits for a long period of time. After all, this is the basic principle of many types of diets. By knowing your calorie intake coupled with herbs known for their fat-burning effect, a weight loss should be attainable.

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Tea varieties for weight loss

Green tea still tops the list of the most recommended teas for weight loss. It’s rich in fat-burning components, such as flavonoids and caffeine. Both of these could speed up the metabolism. As a result, the use of fat as a energy fuel will also increase. There’s no need to overdo this herb just because it’s deemed healthy. Drink a cup whenever you’re about to exercise because the effect will be stronger this way.

Black tea is another popular type. In fact, it’s consumed at considerably larger quantities compared to the other types. It has a range of beneficial compounds, but polyphenols are the ones associated with weight loss. The reason is because they can slow down fat absorption in the body. Fat is an important nutrient, but eating too much of it is fattening. It’s harder to break down fat because the body always prefers carbs to fa. Unless you follow a keto diet which consists mainly of high-fat foods, it will be difficult to lose weight without watching calorie intake.

To prevent much of the fats from being absorbed, drinking black tea on a regular basis is a good idea. And then there is also oolong tea. Its most powerful component is catechin, an antioxidant with a unique ability to burn fat. It’s not the only advantage it has to offer. This tea will also benefit those with hypertension. Some herbs are used to help control blood pressure and oolong tea is one of them.

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