Things that Make Organic Foods Worth-Buying

Organic foods have become a buzzing topic since years ago. People believe that plants grown in natural environments will produce higher quality foods. However, many are still asking evidence of how these foods are superior to the conventional ones. First of all, it’s important to understand what refers to as ‘organic’ in this context.

Organic foods are foods that come from plants that are grown in natural soil. They shouldn’t have modifications of any kind and they shouldn’t also come in contact with pesticides. One of the biggest challenges of growing plants this way is pests. They’re hard to beat unless synthetic chemicals are used.

In the meantime, fertilizers can still be used to grow organic plants, but they should also be all natural. There are many types of fertilizers. Some are mass-produced and very effective for helping the growth of plants. However, to make organic foods, this artificial farming method should be avoided at all costs. There are many things forbidden for creating organic foods. With such strict requirements, what benefits do these foods offer?

Safer to consume

It’s not surprising how organic foods come out on top in terms of safety because they almost have no artificial contaminants. It’s like picking an apple that grows in the wild. Pesticides are effective for warding off pests, but their chemicals may not be safe for us. Foods that are grown with pesticides can cause diseases in the long run because the chemicals will accumulate in the body.

Another thing that makes them safer is the absence of antibiotics. As we know, antibiotics have also been used in animal farming because they can prevent livestock from getting sick. The problem is bacteria tend to develop resistance due to prolonged antibiotics use. You’ll receive the side effects too when these foods enter the body. This practice is prohibited in organic food farming because human interference should be kept at a minimum.

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Rich in essential nutrients

Newer research shows that foods grown naturally are richer in vital nutrients for keeping us healthy. Zinc, iron, and vitamins are required in certain amounts to maintain biological processes. That’s why we should eat a variety of foods every day. Since organic foods have more of these micronutrients, you can eat them less but still reap all the benefits. Antioxidants are especially important to oppose free radicals damage to DNA. Eating them sufficiently can help prevent cancer, diabetes, and other serious illnesses.

Environmentally friendly

We’re not the only ones benefitting from consumption of organic foods. The environment will also benefit from it because organic farming doesn’t create dangerous waste and pollutants. It just requires the involvement of various things that the nature has provided us with. For instance, insects can take part in the fertilization process. Meanwhile, livestock need to be fed crops daily and their fecal matter can be used to fertilize the soil.

The use of harmful chemicals isn’t accepted in this type of farming, meaning that soil and water pollutions can be reduced. Remember that worms and many other small organisms live in the soil and they also take part in nurturing plants. Without these harsh chemicals, the sources of water will remain pure. Your livestock doesn’t need to drink contaminated water.

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