Healthy Evening Snacks for Trimming Down Weight

Nearly everyone loves snacks. However, not all snacks are created equal. There is a popular belief that snacks are unhealthy, but this accusation holds no merit. While it’s true many snacks are unhealthy due to their high fat and sugar content, snacks are a broad term that can describe any kind of food. A snack refers to a food eaten between meals, so it could be a protein bar, a fruit, or a salad. None of these sounded unhealthy, right?

There are many unhealthy ones, though, like chips, cookies, cakes, etc. Eating snacks isn’t a must especially when the major components are simple carbs and fat. Plenty of snacks sold in stores come in this form, so you should be careful picking your snacks. We’ll provide some healthy snacks that would be good for your diet.

Multigrain bread

There are many types of bread. Most of us are familiar with the varieties that contain only one type of grain. Multigrain bread is a healthier option because this bread contains more than one grain. It could be a mix of quinoa, oats, and wheat. Imagine all these healthy grains are combined into one. You will reap the most benefits since they contain different nutrients despite being similar. Thanks to the high nutritional value, choosing it as a snack would really help your diet program because this bread takes time to digest. Choose one in which the bran and germ is left intact.

Another reason to consume multigrain bread is because it contains fewer calories than white bread. In terms of nutrients, it’s also comparatively better than other varieties. Given that each grain has a distinct range of nutrients, putting some together will give you the most benefits. It’s also known for its cholesterol-lowering properties, meaning that it’s good for preventing heart disease.

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Fruit salad

Fruit salad is another version of salad because chopped vegetables are what comes to mind first when this name is mentioned. It’s served as a dessert with a mayonnaise base. How healthy could it be? It depends on the ingredients just like a vegetables salad could also be unhealthy when you use over-the-top dressings. There is no big difference between eating whole fruits and a fruit salad as long as the dressings are kept at a minimum.

A fruit salad is just a bowl of chopped fruits. Unlike juicing which removes the fiber content, eating fruits this way won’t cause a change in their nutritional value. It’s actually the opposite. You will get more from the dressings. If your goal is to lose weight, then mayo and all other high-fat additions should be reduced.

Protein bars

This is more suited for a high-protein diet. If your diet plan excludes protein, then protein bars may not be ideal for snacking. Otherwise, they’re very healthy and can be part of a diet that requires balanced nutrients. Foods rich in protein normally have a satiating effect, so by eating protein bars between main courses, you can control calorie intake more strictly. It’s important to read the labels knowing each product consists of different ingredients. Some are sweeter than others because their sugar content is higher. Stick to low-calorie protein bars since it’s easy to exceed the planned calorie intake if you eat them excessively.

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