Quinoa Makes a Excellent Choice for Dieting

Quinoa is of the fast-growing trends in healthy dieting. Some foods are considered as superfoods due to their powerful properties which put them ahead of other similar foods and quinoa is one of them. Quinoa is the seed of a plant which can be prepared like a whole grains food. In terms of compounds, it has a lot to offer. Many even go as far as calling it the mother of grains thanks to all those contained nutrients.

There are a few types available, namely white, back, and red quinoa. For those who always eat white rice to meet the daily calorie needs, this could be a healthier choice. Unlike many other grains, quinoa turns out to be gluten free. Many people start to avoid this type of carbs due to sensitivity.

Quinoa nutrition facts

There are a lot of reasons to replace your carbs sources with quinoa. Firstly, quinoa is packing essential nutrients. Many compounds that the body needs to function like Vitamin B2, iron, and phosphorus are present in this unique grain. Another thing that makes it beneficial is the fiber content. High-carb foods contain fiber at varying amounts. To promote weight loss, foods with high dietary fiber should be an everyday staple. Quinoa fits the criteria, so you should make it part of your diet.

On top of that, quinoa as has been mentioned is free of gluten. People with sensitivity would find it safer than consuming regular starchy foods. The antioxidants make it even more beneficial for health. Antioxidants are the body’s first line of defense against free radicals. We need them in adequate amounts to prevent premature aging and future health problems.

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Is quinoa ideal for weight loss?

The key to shedding excess weight is to attain a calorie deficit and it can be done with any type of food. Whether it’s oatmeal or quinoa, you can still lose weight as long as the amount of calories consumed in is less than the amount you manage to burn. Despite packing much higher protein than any other carb source, quinoa happens to pack plenty of calories as well. For this reason, you must control the portion size strictly.

It may look like a grain, but many suggest to not treat it like a main course. Other foods like vegetables and fruits should also be included in the diet knowing they can also provide dietary fiber but with fewer calories. All in all, quinoa is still a wonderful diet for weight loss mainly because of the incomparable nutrient richness.

Besides, this grain also has a considerably low Glycemic Index, making it safe for people with diabetes. Anyone suffering from this disease knows how hard it can be to maintain blood glucose within the normal range. Eating foods with high GI will cause an instant blood sugar spike that takes time to return to safe levels. It could be worse for severe diabetes because medications are required to reduce it as soon as possible.

Other benefits

Quinoa is more than just a weight loss food. The high fiber content further boosts its nutritional value because a fiber-rich diet is known for lowering cholesterol, which in turn helps improve the heart’s condition. So if you want to eat high-fiber foods which offer numerous other benefits, quinoa is the right choice. Routine consumption of this seed will keep your LDL and HDL levels in check.

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