Burn Fat with the Steak and Eggs Diet

As the name suggests, the steak and eggs diet basically consists of two major elements, namely steak and eggs. This is deemed as one of the most effective fat-burning diets ever. Those who are into bodybuilding often find themselves drawn to this diet. There is no other component, just steak and eggs. Besides, you don’t need to count calories like what’s suggested by any other diet.

The basic principle of this diet is you should eat both foods for 5 days. And on day 6, you’re allowed to eat anything that’s not protein. In other words, the cycle is repeated every 6 days. Protein is undoubtedly an important component for building muscles, but we can’t also ignore the importance of carbs. That’s why despite protein taking the biggest portion, carbohydrates are not totally excluded.

Egg and steak diet plan

To follow this diet, you should consume around 4 to 6 eggs and 340 to 680 grams of steak every meal time. You’re required to have this meal twice a day which can be divided into breakfast + lunch or breakfast + dinner. After 5 days eating only them, on day 6 you can have cakes, pizza, doughnuts, and other foods loaded with carbs. By the way, when you eat food on the normal / diet days, adding spices is okay, too.

After all, steak and eggs taste quite plain. So to improve it, you can use of salt, pepper, oregano, and other dried spices. The carb content of spices is usually negligible, meaning that they won’t mess up the diet. Unlike any other diet, there’s no room to include or exclude foods. In a keto diet, for instance, you can replace any item with another high-fat food and there’s plenty to choose from.

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How much would you lose with this diet?

There’s no magic number of how much you could possibly lose because everybody has a different metabolism. However, it’s important to remember that protein and fat work differently in promoting weight loss. Protein works as a material for building muscles. So if you want to benefit more from this diet, then do workout regularly. The protein can be used to boost muscle mass which will later be beneficial for burning stored fats in the body.

Similarly, a keto diet also works best when it’s combined with exercise. This diet changes the body’s way of utilizing energy from carbs to fat. Back to the steak and eggs diet, exercise is highly important to provide the best outcome. Otherwise, the excess calorie intake will only turn into fat. As a result, the weight loss you’ve been dreaming about will never come true.


Are there any downsides of going on this diet? We’re not born to be a carnivore, so eating only protein will likely affect your body in one way or another. Eating the same food over and over again is not fun, either. This is one of the biggest hurdles of following this diet. Another problem that may arise is constipation. Eating protein without adequate fiber intake could be hard for your bowels. In general, diets that reduce carb intake to very low levels cause similar problems, one of which is constipation. To offset that effect, you need to stay hydrated. Drink water, not sugary drinks because they’re not suitable for this diet.

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