Pick the Right Salad Dressings for Better Health

Salads are among the healthiest foods experts always recommend to anyone who wants to lose their weight. The primary component of a salad is chopped vegetables, so its health is guaranteed. It is when a salad gets hijacked by unnecessary components, the meal no longer becomes as healthy as it’s supposed to be. A big bowl of leafy greens is perfect for dieting because it’s low in calories but at the same timed loaded with dietary fiber. Fiber fills the stomach longer because it digests slowly.

The thing is many people don’t want to eat veggies because they taste quite plain. Some prefer to add dressings because they help improve the taste. Unfortunately, the awesome flavor often comes at the expense of health. The worst part is those dressings also pack high calories. So even if you’ve tried to cut calories low by eating a salad, it will probably be counter effective if dressings fill most of the plate.

Salad dressings contain a lot of fat

The reason why salad dressings are considered not healthy is because they add a lot of fat to your dishes. Facts are fat still matter to human metabolism. It’s true that a high-fat diet is bad, but in the right amount, this nutrient doesn’t do anything harm to the body. In fact, some mammals in the wild store fat under their skin, so that they can survive during hibernation.

As with protein and other nutrients, fats are still necessary. Just don’t overload your body with them by eating fried chicken and other greasy foods every day. Back to salad dressings, they can be beneficial as long as they’re consumed in moderation. A bowl of salad should contain mostly vegetables. Use dressings only to slightly enrich the flavor.

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Avoid commercial salad dressings

Not all salad dressings are bad for health. If you’re going on a diet, then it’s better to stay away from commercial ones because they usually pack a lot of calories. It’s not really surprising because companies add unnecessary stuff to make their products taste great. Health is often overlooked when these ingredients are added.

Thankfully, you can still read nutrition facts labels attached to these products. Just read them to find out how many calories and fats every product has. If it turns out that a store-bought dressing contains too many calories per serving, avoid or at least limit the use if you still want to buy it. Highly-processed dressings may also have their nutrients stripped away. You should never prioritize flavor over health. If a dressing seems unhealthy by the looks of the ingredients, go for another option.

Healthy dressing recipes

Making a dressing is the solution if you don’t want any harmful substances to enter your body. There are many healthy dressing recipes available online. All you have to do is buy the ingredients separately. A dressing may contain garlic powder, onion power, pepper, dried oregano, thyme, basil, salt, and honey. None of these ingredients look dangerous for health, right? Just mix them together and use the dressing to flavor your salad. There are many other recipes with different mixes of spices. Go find them on cooking and recipes websites.

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