Refined Carbs, the Cause of Poor Health and Disease

The term ‘refined carbohydrates’ has become very popular in recent years, but do you really know what that means? Refined carbs are used to classify processed foods in which the nutrients have been stripped down. Apparently, we consume these foods in large amounts every day. You have eaten bread, haven’t you? Many types of bread belong to refined carbs. White rice is the same.

Despite its worldwide popularity, white rice should be consumed in moderation because it’s converted into sugar rather quickly. People with diabetes need to be careful if they want to add it to their diet, so their blood glucose doesn’t rise too high. There are many other examples of refined carbs, such as cereals and snacks.

Good carbs vs bad carbs

Some people say there are two types of carbs, namely good carbs and bad carbs. However, we prefer to use simple and complex carbohydrates. Carbs are still a major part of metabolism, so even those labeled as bad aren’t necessarily bad as long as they’re consumed in appropriate serving sizes. There are many people who haven’t developed diabetes because they don’t overfeed themselves on this nutrient.

Simple carbs are called ‘bad’ simply because they’re not blood sugar-friendly. They cause the blood sugar to swing at a much faster rate than complex carbs. That’s why the intake of these carbs should be limited especially by those who already struggle maintaining their blood glucose. Good carbs are the ones that take time to be processed by the body. They are much better for insulin and health overall.

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Refined carbs make delicious foods

If we look around, most of the high-carb foods found in stores and restaurants are refined carbs. Pizza, pies, cakes, sandwiches, buns, they are highly-processed foods which contain a type of carbs that get absorbed by the body fast. So, why do people eat them a lot knowing they’re bad for health? Well, many don’t seem to care about nutritional value of food as long as it tastes good.

This is the same reason why many prefer drinking sodas to water. Sodas are packed with sugar, so they stimulate the tongue better than water does. But in terms of health, water trumps sodas with ease. Cookies, pastries, nearly all sweet treats we eat every day are made of refined carbs, so to limit the consumption is a real challenge.

Refined carbs aren’t suited for dieting

Refined carbs aren’t the right thing to eat while you’re on a diet program because they digest quickly compared to complex carbs. If you eat mostly this type of carbs, you will feel hungry more often. As a result, you’d want to eat more. There is no denying that carbs take part in the metabolism, but they don’t need to be the only source of energy. Lean protein and healthy fats are also necessary to nourish the cells in your body.

Instead of eating foods containing simple carbs, eat whole grains, brown rice, and others with complex carbs and rich in fiber. They’re better for digestion and blood sugar. Besides, whole foods still retain the nutrients that may not be present in the refined counterparts due to excessive processing. Vegetables and lentils are other examples of complex carbohydrates. They’re among the healthiest foods nature has gifted us with.

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