Beans are Usually Avoided on the Keto Diet, but Why?

Each type of diet has its own rules and requirements. For the keto diet, the focus is on fat, not other nutrients like carbs and protein. Despite all the beneficial compounds, there’s no denying that beans pack considerably high amounts of carbohydrates, so anyone who wants to start a keto diet needs to be careful if they want to add them to their diet. Not all beans are the same. Some have higher carbohydrates than others.

A keto diet plan shouldn’t include more than 50 grams of carbs per day. Knowing how high this content in beans can be, many people would simply skip them altogether. Basically, there is no particular reason why beans should be avoided on a keto diet. It all comes down to the carb content.

Beans are good for diet

Although beans are a big no for a keto diet, they’re generally beneficial for weight loss. Just in case you don’t follow a specific diet that rules out this food, it’s a good idea to include it in your diet. As we know, beans pack more than just carbohydrates. They’re also loaded with dietary fiber which can help fill the stomach longer. Thus, you won’t feel hungry quickly after eating them. There’s no need to worry about calories. As long as they’re consumed in moderation and cooked healthily without using too much oil, they should be a terrific meal for dieting. Check out the calorie content of a bean before adding it to the diet.

Good and bad beans for a keto diet

As said before, beans contain varying levels of carbohydrates. You can consume some safely even on a keto diet. Others are too high-carb, so they should be skipped at all costs as they can kick you out of ketosis. Lima beans and black soybeans are allowed because their carb levels are quite low. Black soybeans only have 12g per 100g, while lima beans have 10g per 50g. Other varieties like red kidney beans and black beans aren’t suited for this diet. The former’s carb content nears 30g per 100g, while the latter has a similar amount but in half serving.

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Beans may kick you out of ketosis

One of the biggest concerns of eating beans on a keto diet is the body slips out its ketogenic state and it can be hard to get back in. So if you don’t want all the efforts go to waste, watch your daily carb intake. It may be safe to consume 50g of carbs a day, but more than that, the body could prepare to return to its original state of using carbs to provide energy.

However, everybody has a different tolerance level to carb intake. Those with high activity levels like athletes may tolerate higher carb intake while going on this diet, like up to 100 gram per day. Another group that may have higher tolerance is those that have been in ketosis for a long time. It takes time and effort for the body to come out of ketosis. The amount of carbs required for these people to slip out ketosis may double or even triple the average keto dieter.

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