Foods to Eat to Lose Weight in Stomach

It can be difficult to lose fat in the stomach even after we’ve put much effort. One thing to remember, every case is unique. It may be difficult for you to burn extra belly fat, but others can do it easily. There are a few things you can do like taking as much as sugar from your diet. Sugar is one of those things that people consume in large amounts because they taste wonderful.

Sugar is sweet, so it makes sense that people love it. The thing is sugar packs high calories. If you often eat sweet treats like cakes, candy, and chocolate, it will be hard to lose belly fat. So starting from now, stay away from sugary foods or at least limit the consumption. The body doesn’t need a large amount of sugar especially if you’re quite inactive physically. Then, you also need to include the following foods:

Skimmed milk

Skimmed milk is better than the full-fat version for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s apparent that skimmed milk has a much lower fat content. Although it may taste quite plain, the benefits are far more important. In terms of nutrients, this milk is very healthy because it’s rich in calcium. In other words, you can choose this in place of the whole milk to boost bone strength.


Research suggests that people whose diets consist of beans tend to have smaller waistlines than those who eat fatty foods. It’s not really surprising given the fact that beans don’t contain much fat. Eating them on a regular basis won’t put your at risk of heart disease and other serious illnesses. As with vegetables, beans also contain high levels of soluble fiber. This compound is linked to the growth of good bacteria in the body, which eventually reduces inflammation. There are many types of beans. Any of them would be a good addition to your diet.

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There are some foods that we don’t want to eat over and over again because they make us feel full fast and long. Oats are one of them. People who are on diet usually include this in their plan. You can eat them, too. Have breakfast with oats, you’ll feel satiated for a few hours. The best part is it could be eaten by diabetics thanks to the low glycemic index. Low numbers are preferred because that means it takes longer for the food to be converted into sugar. Thus, the blood sugar increase wouldn’t be too significant. As we all know, diabetics have a problem managing their sugar levels. Oats are perfect for dieting because you they help hold your cravings.


Do you have a habit of drinking iced tea or soda after a meal? This is bad and should never be encouraged. A meal already has a high calorie count. Drinking a sugary drink will only elevate it. Please kick that habit to the curb. Replace soda or whatever sweet you always drink with lemon water. The calories in lemon water are too low to cause weight gain. It’s not the case with sugary drinks which can pack over 100 calories per serving. Additionally, lemon is hailed as an effective detox ingredient because its ability to cleanse the liver. A healthy liver is necessary for maximum fat metabolism, so it’s a good idea to drink lemon water regularly.

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