How to Stop Food Cravings when Dieting

Food cravings are no joke. Any kind of obsession over something is not healthy. If your mind can’t stop thinking of food, then it can be categorized as having a food addiction. It’s bad because eating too many calories can increase body weight fast. Overcoming a food addiction is not an easy matter. Once the brain knows how delicious foods can be, you’ll have a hard time stopping those thoughts. Having food cravings during a diet is normal. You just need to know how to get around it without sacrificing your love for food.

Eat more slowly

This works for some people. Every food has its own smell, taste, and texture. Many people gain weight because they don’t seem to enjoy their meals. They don’t take time to chew before swallowing. To help you feel full longer, please chew your food. Enjoy every part of the food, including its smell and flavor. If normally it takes 10 minutes to finish a meal, you can extend it to 30 minutes.

Change your eating habits

There should be changes in the way you eat. Don’t focus on one type of food unless you follow a very specific diet. The diet plan needs to include protein, healthy fats, even carbs although they shouldn’t be a major part of the diet. If you’ve never liked vegetables, start including this healthy food. Fruits are equally healthy as they can help curb cravings without providing too many calories. There are plenty of choices, such as apples, papaya, oranges, bananas, etc.

Eat foods that make you full longer

Foods rich in fiber and protein are highly recommended. Eggs are a great source of protein people often include in high-protein diets. Fruit is also healthy due to the naturally high dietary fiber. Although the composition varies greatly depending on the types, fruits are generally low-calorie, so they won’t mess up your diet plan. Fiber is important to promote digestion, so you should definitely eat at least one or two every day. Of all fruits, avocados are known for helping curb cravings because their fat content is considerably higher than others. But don’t worry, the fats are healthy.

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Eating avocados won’t put you at risk of developing heart disease. Quite the contrary, avocados can actually help those with heart disease thanks to the polyphenols contained. Another food that will keep you satiated for long is vegetables. It’s a no brainer because veggies are a source of dietary fiber. By eating veggies along with nuts, your cravings will be suppressed for quite a while.


Doing exercise is like killing 2 birds with 1 stone. On the one hand, you can forget about food. On the other hand, you can burn the calories you’ve consumed before. Many people have successfully reduced their weight only with exercise. They don’t need to control their calorie intake because rigorous exercise helps get rid all of the extra calories.

One of the reasons why some fail is because they’re lazy doing this important diet trick. Therefore, to divert your attention away from food, do cardio or another activity that burns calories. You don’t even need to hit the gym to burn some calories. Simple things like doing home chores and jogging can do that easily. All it takes is a commitment because you have to do it until you achieve your goals. Well, exercise is still important even if you’re not on a diet program. It keeps your body healthy.

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