Eating Junk Food as an Attempt to Gain Weight

If you often complain about how hard it is to shed extra pounds, believe that are many who feel the opposite. For some, gaining weight feels like a lot of work. Eating more calories should be an instant way to gain weight, but it’s not that easy. The kinds of foods you eat will affect your health in the future, so better be safe than sorry. Indulging in junk food has never been a good idea to increase weight because there are many unnecessary elements in this food that can cause serious health issues like heart disease, obesity, diabetes, etc.

Junk food is high in ‘evil’ compounds

We’re talking about fat, salt, and sugar. Actually, all these elements can be good as long as they’re present in the right amounts inside the body. That’s when you overfeed on these things, your health could be at jeopardy. There are different types of fats, not all are good for health. Trans fats are one usually present in junk food in large amounts.

Too much eating this type of food will gradually increase LDL cholesterol in the blood stream. We’re supposed to increase HDL, not this to maintain healthy vessels. Does it mean we have to stay away from burgers, fried chicken, and French fries altogether? Not really, junk food is not totally a no go. It’s just you have to control the portion sizes. And don’t eat them too often. There are still essential components in this food, such as protein.

It’s possible to gain weight through junk food

There have been stories about people weighing more than 500 lbs. To no surprise, many of them eat only junk food every day. So, if you’re wondering if junk food can help put on some weight, then the answer is exactly. This is one of the foods with the highest calorie count. It’s easy to put on weight from eating burgers and fried chicken daily. Burning those consumed calories is way harder because it would require you to exercise non-stop.

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It’s okay to pick a certain diet to gain weight, but nutrient balance should be the primary concern. While junk food contains fiber, protein, and other nutrients, the cooking process increases the calorie count and other bad compounds dramatically. Besides, eating the same thing over and over again can lead to deficiencies. Therefore, a balanced diet is still the better option.

Making junk food healthier

Is there any way to make junk food healthier? Extra grease, mayo, and other high-fat additions are the reason why people love junk food so much. So if you want to make a healthier version of it, then skip them or replace with healthier dressings. A hamburger may taste a bit plain without mayo, but you need to ditch it for making it healthier.

Deep frying is another thing that makes junk food tasty. So instead of eating fried chicken, you may need to stick with burgers because patties can be cooked without having them submerged in hot oil. Another way to make junk food less risky for health is by adding more healthy additions like vegetables. Veggies are usually added to a burger. However, many food chains often skip them and focusing only on the meat.

For a healthier burger, add extra salad and reduce unnecessary dressings. Choosing the right oil will also help. Canola oil, for example, is considered good for cooking because the saturated fat content is lower than many other oils out there. Besides, it’s also rich in omega-3. Flaxseed oil and olive oil are also great with the later is known for providing protection against heart disease.

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