Eating Grapes Or Raisins, Which One Is Healthier?

Many of us are familiar with raisins but have no idea how they’re made. Raisins are produced from grapes. They look dry and shriveled because the water content drops significantly following sun exposure. Since raisins are basically grapes, they come in a range of colors depending on the type of grapes they’re made up of. Black raisins are a common variety, so are green and yellow raisins.

Not only delicious, raisins also offer plenty of health benefits thanks to the various nutrients contained. They pack Vitamin C, potassium, and iron. Raisins taste sweet, which make them a popular choice for baking. You can sprinkle them on cakes and pies. They’d also be a perfect oatmeal add-in for breakfast.

Benefits of raisins

Vitamin B complex is found in raisins. Vitamin B12 particularly is paramount for keeping the nerves healthy. In other words, eating raisins may help ease nerve problems like tingling in the feet and hands. It also has an important role in the production of red blood cells.

Constipation arises from insufficient fiber intake. Raisins are believed to help with indigestion, so by consuming them when you suffer from constipation, the problem will go away gradually.

Those having a hard time putting on weight can also eat raisins on a regular basis because they taste sweet, which means they’re packed with sugar. They contain lots of fructose and glucose. Eat them, you will feel energetic throughout the day.

Should we eat grapes or raisins?

Grapes and raisins differ in a number of ways although one is basically the dried version of the other. For example, raisins have higher antioxidant content than grapes. It’s fairly easy to tell why. Raisins are the dried version of grapes, meaning that they’re more concentrated. While the liquid content has decreased dramatically after the drying process, the antioxidants remain the same. Unfortunately, the same applies to the sugar content. These small things taste so sweet, so you should eat them in moderation or they will spike your blood sugar quickly, which could later turn into more serious problems like diabetes.

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Another thing that comes with the high concentration is high calorie levels. A cup of raisins contain around 500 calories, while the fresh counterparts barely give 60 calories. If you want to lose weight, grapes are a much better option because they still retain the water. As far as nutrients are concerned, they’re just as nutritious as the dried ones. They contain potassium, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

How to make raisins

Raisins are produced in factories with vast sun-drying yards. They’re usually packaged into different container sizes, so you can purchase according to the needs. In case you want to make raisins yourself, just buy some fresh grapes. All you have to do is wash the grapes, put them on a tray or a cloth, and then leave them outside for a few days. The higher the sun exposure, the faster the drying process would be. The hot air will evaporate the water content out of the grapes, leaving only the essential elements. The high temperature will also cook the sugar, which in turn caramelize and give the fruits its distinct sweet flavor.

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